Innovation Working Group

This Innovation Working Group is the first in-depth Industry engagement program in DHS that pulls in representatives from multiple components across the Department to work side by side with Industry.

The working group consists of Industry Executives and Senior Executives across multiple DHS components including CBP, TSA, USCIS, USCG, S&T, OCPO, DNDO, and PARM. There is also a separate classified working group with NPPD and I&A. 

Over a one year period of monthly meetings, Government and Industry will work together to first identify the specific barriers to Innovation. Then they will work to both create and recommend implementation strategies for Innovative solutions, combined with mitigation strategies for the identified barriers. This is very much a Working Group with quarterly deliverables and joint overall guideline recommendations back to DHS at the conclusion of the program.

The kickoff for this program occurred November 13, 2014. The group will work during the monthly meetings on the specific areas of Discovery/Engagement, Pilots/Proofs of Concept/Rapid Development, Acquisitions/Procurements, and Classified topics. The full working group will meet quarterly to share progress and ideas.

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WHSR Luncheon-CBP
Tuesday April 17, 2018

Join us to hear Brenda Smith, Executive Assistant Commissioner for Trade at CBP. Brenda will talk about the trade challenges in the current environment and priorities and needs.

Moving Forward with TSA
Wednesday April 25, 2018

Join us as we co-host TSA’s Industry Day and hear TSA Administrator Pekoske describe the new TSA strategy and hear from the principals of the directorates.