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WHSR hosted 3 annual BPF races. We’d like to say a big thank you to all the sponsors, participants, and the United States Border Patrol. Over a 3 year period we raised over $240,000 for the Border Patrol Foundation.


Our inaugural Coast Guard Industry Academy wrapped up with a trip to San Francisco and District 11 in July. The Coast Guard Industry Academy is an unprecedented, in-depth partnership designed to strengthen Industry collaboration and knowledge of the Coast Guard mission. Throughout the program our group of industry executives received hands-on experience at Coast Guard installations across the country.

We started our program at USCG Headquarters in D.C. where we met with all of the senior leadership from the Coast Guard, visited Station Washington and Reagan National Airport to understand the local mission, and concluded at Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore where the Coast Guard repairs and refurbishes their fleet.

After that we journeyed to District 5 to visit the Tidewater Region of Virginia, and Elizabeth City, North Carolina. While there we saw Training Center Yorktown, spent 2 days at sea on the USCGC Eagle, and flew in a C-27 as part of a training rescue mission. In Elizabeth City we also visited the Rescue Swimmer Training Center and saw the Underwater Rescue Simulator in action. To close out the trip we were hosted at the home of then LANTAREA Commander Karl Schultz and his wife Dawn, along with the LANTAREA leadership team and their spouses. Admiral Schultz had been named incoming Commandant USCG days before our trip commenced.

Our next trip took us to Portland, Oregon and Kodiak, Alaska, Districts 13 and 17. In Portland our group observed how the Coast Guard protects our inland waterways and learned more about their search and rescue capabilities. We saw first-hand how the Coast Guard maintains buoys and other aids to navigation and the specific usage and challenges with each of these. Later in the week we visited USCG Base Kodiak which is the Coast Guard’s largest base. There we witnessed how the Coast Guard operates in one of the most extreme and remote climates in the world. Given how harsh the environment is much of Alaska would be untenable without the presence of the Coast Guard. In addition to rescues at sea the Coast Guard functions as the primary emergency system for the remote areas of the state due to a lack of hospitals or transportation methods.

Our program’s last trip was to San Francisco in District 11 in July. In the Bay Area we were shown how the Coast Guard protects our ports from threats. We boarded the Polar Star which is the only Ice Breaker in the USCG fleet, while it was between trips to Antarctica. Closing out our visit to the PACAREA, D11 Commander RADM Gautier and his wife hosted us at their home for a reception and presentation of certificates to our participants.

Throughout the program we had a unique opportunity to witness the missions of the Coast Guard and how they vary from District to District. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to build relationships at all levels across the entire Coast Guard.

Our genuine appreciation to Commandant Karl Schultz, ADM Charles Ray, and headquarters staff for the opportunity. A specific thank you to CG-092, the office of Government and Public Affairs led by RADM Melissa Bert. The incredible members of the CGIA team were CAPT Sean Carroll, Josh Buck, LCDR Daniel Cathell, LT Tracy Rainey, Brian Olexy, MST1 Krystal Wolfe, and the leadership and staff at each location who built our itineraries and hosted us.

The graduating participants are forming the CGIA Alumni Group to continue to stay involved and advocate for the mission of the Coast Guard.

Class 2 is coming soon! Please email Whitt Harrison for more information.

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WHSR Luncheon
Wednesday, September 4th, 2019

Luncheon with Brian Harrell – The Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security, CISA – will be joining us for lunch on September 4th.



"Triumph Enterprises, Inc. is most appreciative of the opportunity to be an integral part of the WHSR/TSA OSC Small Business Focus Group. The experience has been extremely positive for us.

Having the opportunity to discuss small business procurement ideas and challenges with key decision makers in OSC - who are actively seeking real world inputs from small businesses such as ours - has been refreshing and rewarding.

We've had an open, honest, and forthright dialog with the senior leadership of OSC, and are 100% certain that our ideas have been heard and carefully considered."

Lee Plumb
Vice President, Triumph Enterprises, Inc.
"The WHSR/TSA Focus groups have proven to be an invaluable resource to gain greater insight into TSA as well as to have valuable conversations between a wide range of industry companies and TSA stakeholders. This type of open collaboration generates increased awareness of mission problems and can help create better targeted solutions from traditional and non-traditional market participants."

Don Fenhagen
Associate Partner, IBM
"The WHSR/TSA OSC Focus Groups allowed Engility to better understand not just what TSA's challenges are but why they are challenges. They also allowed Engility to learn the key technical, management, personnel, and corporate key factors that Industry must bring to the table to assist TSA and why they are important."

Peter Lierni
Senior Director, Engility
"The WHSR/TSA OSC Focus Groups provided a great opportunity for industry to communicate and collaborate with TSA over a sustained period about mutual goals, expectations, and challenges. Congratulations on a job well done. Let's keep the conversation going."

Steve Mikolaski
Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP
"The open exchange between TSA leadership and industry on the agency's operational challenges and objectives, facilitated by the Washington Homeland Security Roundtable, will have the beneficial effects of enhancing security, speeding deployment of essential technologies, and reducing costs."

Michael T. Dougherty
Director of Law Enforcement Solutions, Raytheon Company