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Chuck Michel named a 4-Star Admiral by USCG

WHSR extends enormous congratulations to great friend and supporter, Admiral Chuck Michel, on being named a 4-Star! This accomplishment marks the first time that USCG has given this honor to a Vice Commandant. Pictured below left to right: Admiral Charles Michel, Mrs. Michel, Admiral Paul F. Zukunft (Commandant). Congratulations, Admiral – Semper Paratus!

DHS chooses WHSR Partners for Reverse Industry Day Panelists

On May 26, DHS Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, will hold a second Reverse Industry Day. The program is designed to bring Industry Executives in to share with members of the DHS Procurement Staff and to promote strong DHS and Industry engagement.

Jeffrey Goldberg, COO of tiag, served as the WHSR Member of the RID Development Committee. With DHS guidance, this Committee chose the following topics for the day:


Plenary Session I: Demystification of the Private Sector

Plenary Session II: How Industry Decides to Bid (or Not): Industry’s View of the Procurement Lifecycle

Breakout Session IA: How Industry Responds to Evaluation Criteria and Contract Type in Making a Bid Decision

Breakout Session IB: Factors Affecting Innovation and the Participation of Non-Traditional Vendors

Breakout Session IIA: Factors Affecting a Proposed Solution

Breakout Session IIB: Industry Pricing Models and Factors that Determine Bid Price

Marlin Edwards, of ManTech will present on Plenary Session II. Marlin is VP of Strategic Capture and Business Development, and oversees ManTech’s Intelligence Community $12B business opportunity pipeline. He served as an Air Force Systems Acquisition Contracting Officer and was one of the founding architects of the NRO Benchmark Acquisition Center of Excellence.

Suzanne Petrie Liscouski, VP of Federal Civilian Agencies for NCI, Inc. will also participate in Plenary Session II. Suzanne is a former DHS HQ employee, and has worked for small, mid-tier and large businesses as a focused DHS executive.

Frank Kenniasty, Lead Counsel of Motorola Solutions will present for Breakout Session IA. He is a former government Acquisition Officer, and now as Lead Counsel for Motorola Solutions, he will provide insight on how DHS may better leverage industry capabilities while complying with Federal Procurement Law.

Mark Bonatucci, Strategic Program Capture for FLIR Systems
is participating for WHSR in Breakout Session IIB. Mark has worked with many different federal agencies over a 30 year career. He has worked as a bench and systems engineer, and led the entire capture process for large, mid-tier and small firms.

Alan Mancinelli from E3 Federal was chosen to represent WHSR in a Security AIR/Acquisitions in Innovation Roundtable for DHS.

For the first DHS Reverse Industry Day in October, 2015, DHS used the DHS/Industry Procurement LifeCycle chart produced by our Innovations in Acquisitions working groups throughout the day.

We appreciate our WHSR partners!


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WHSR Luncheon
August 17, 2016
TSA Chief of Staff Alan Metzler
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September 22, 2016
USCG CG7 and CG9
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"The Border Patrol Industry Academy – 2015 is a truly extraordinary opportunity for industry to gain an in-depth insight into the many faces and responsibilities of the United States Border Patrol. The Border Patrol and Washington Homeland Security Roundtable have pulled out all the stops to make this initiative an overwhelming success. The quality and candidness of the speakers is outstanding. You come away with not only a better understanding of the difficulty and complexity involved in defending our Nation’s borders but also a deep appreciation for the professionalism, sacrifice and service that the men and women of the Border Patrol exhibit every day.

The Washington Homeland Security Roundtable hits yet another homerun in organizing this exceptional series of Government/industry engagements."

Merv Leavitt
Vice President, SCRA
"WHSR is simply a class act. They make it a point to keep senior officials and executives engaged, collaborative, and pushing the curve just enough to help influence change. There is no better engagement with SES DHS officials than WHSR - and they just make you feel good too.

Right mission. Right approach. Right size. You should be here too."

Mark Sheppard
Federal CIO & Director, LexisNexis
"Triumph Enterprises, Inc. is most appreciative of the opportunity to be an integral part of the WHSR/TSA OSC Small Business Focus Group. The experience has been extremely positive for us.

Having the opportunity to discuss small business procurement ideas and challenges with key decision makers in OSC - who are actively seeking real world inputs from small businesses such as ours - has been refreshing and rewarding.

We've had an open, honest, and forthright dialog with the senior leadership of OSC, and are 100% certain that our ideas have been heard and carefully considered."

Lee Plumb
Vice President, Triumph Enterprises, Inc.
"The WHSR/TSA Focus groups have proven to be an invaluable resource to gain greater insight into TSA as well as to have valuable conversations between a wide range of industry companies and TSA stakeholders. This type of open collaboration generates increased awareness of mission problems and can help create better targeted solutions from traditional and non-traditional market participants."

Don Fenhagen
Associate Partner, IBM
"The WHSR/TSA OSC Focus Groups allowed Engility to better understand not just what TSA's challenges are but why they are challenges. They also allowed Engility to learn the key technical, management, personnel, and corporate key factors that Industry must bring to the table to assist TSA and why they are important."

Peter Lierni
Senior Director, Engility
"The WHSR/TSA OSC Focus Groups provided a great opportunity for industry to communicate and collaborate with TSA over a sustained period about mutual goals, expectations, and challenges. Congratulations on a job well done. Let's keep the conversation going."

Steve Mikolaski
Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP
"The open exchange between TSA leadership and industry on the agency's operational challenges and objectives, facilitated by the Washington Homeland Security Roundtable, will have the beneficial effects of enhancing security, speeding deployment of essential technologies, and reducing costs."

Michael T. Dougherty
Director of Law Enforcement Solutions, Raytheon Company