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Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy Coast Guard Industry Academy

What a great trip the Coast Guard Industry Academy had to the Tidewater area!
We had time in Yorktown, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Elizabeth City, two days on board the Eagle, participated in a training Search and Rescue operation on a C-130 over the ocean, learned from the MSRT, AST and Rescue Swimmer training. VADM Karl Schultz and his wife Dawn Schultz hosted us for a wonderful reception with the LANTAREA and District 5 staffs.

Kudos to USCG for sharing their mission!

NEWS: Congrats and register for TSA Industry Day!

Congratulations Kevin McAleenan

Kevin McAleenan Kevin McAleenan – U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner

Congratulations to Kevin McAleenan on being confirmed as the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner ! We’re thrilled to see a long-time friend of WHSR confirmed as the new Commissioner. McAleenan has been serving as the acting CBP commissioner since January of 2017, and was quickly nominated to permanently take on the role in March of 2017. Due to his extensive experience and track record he received overwhelming bipartisan support in the Senate.

In the past Commissioner McAleenan and his organization have worked with WHSR as the host for our Border Patrol Industry Academy, the first ever Federal Law Enforcement Academy for Industry.

After the confirmation Kirstjen Nielsen commented, "I want to thank Kevin for his many years of dedicated service at CBP and his commitment to our nation’s security. I am proud of all he has accomplished at CBP and look forward to continuing to work with him as he drops the "Acting" title and formally takes on the role of Commissioner."

We look forward to continuing to work with him in his formal role across CBP.

Congratulations James McCament

James McCament James McCament – Department of Homeland Security Deputy Undersecretary

Congratulations to James McCament on becoming the new DHS Deputy Undersecretary, Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans. He is also currently the Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Undersecretary, Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans. James has been one of DHS’s most knowledgeable immigration specialists.

WHSR has had the privilege of working with him over the years at both DHS Headquarters and USCIS. We will welcome him back to speak at the Roundtable shortly.

Moving Forward with TSA – April 25, 2018

We invite you to participate in TSA's Industry Day.  TSA is looking for partners that can provide innovative solutions necessary to enhance TSA’s ability to deliver the TSA mission.  From improved solutions for the front line to back end operations TSA wants to deliver mission solutions faster.  The meeting will begin with a fireside chat with TSA Administrator, David Pekoske. Mr. Pekoske will share his new TSA Strategy in an open dialogue with time for questions.  Following the discussion, Principals from the Office of Requirements and Capabilities Analysis (ORCA), Office of Security Operations (OSO), Office of Acquisitions and Program Management (OAPM), Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA) will discuss key operational needs and challenges as well as innovations and partnerships.

  The second half of the day will begin with a roundtable discussion with senior leaders from TSA to include opportunity for questions on how to bring it all together.  This will be followed by the Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP) briefs focused on TSA HQ operations, disadvantaged business utilization, and a forecast of procurement opportunities shared by OCP.  The remainder of this event will allow for attendees to Meet the Seniors. 

  Those who bring solutions across TSA should join us for this day.  Topics will cover providers from IT, Canine, Scheduling, Credentialing, Vetting/Adjudication, Training, Equipment and Future State. 

  The meeting will be held on April 25, 2018 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Reagan National Historic Terminal A. Participation is for senior industry executives and will be offered for up to 300 people with a limit of two (2) participants per firm. The meeting will be open on a first come first serve basis. Traditional and non-traditional contractors and all types of small businesses are encouraged to participate. All participants must be registered in SAM (https://www.SAM.gov/)  to be eligible to participate.  A valid government photo ID will be required at registration.  Substitutes will be entertained at the start of the program based on availability.  Lunch will be on your own.  Limit of 2 per firm for a total of 300 participants for the day. 

Register at www.whsroundtable.org/MovingForwardWithTSA  beginning at noon, EST on Wednesday, March 21, 2018. 

Join us as TSA kicks off their new Strategy and Acquisition forecast! 

More details-

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WHSR Luncheon with
Chief Carla Provost

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Please join us for a luncheon with Chief Carla Provost of the United States Border Patrol.


"The Border Patrol Industry Academy – 2015 is a truly extraordinary opportunity for industry to gain an in-depth insight into the many faces and responsibilities of the United States Border Patrol. The Border Patrol and Washington Homeland Security Roundtable have pulled out all the stops to make this initiative an overwhelming success. The quality and candidness of the speakers is outstanding. You come away with not only a better understanding of the difficulty and complexity involved in defending our Nation’s borders but also a deep appreciation for the professionalism, sacrifice and service that the men and women of the Border Patrol exhibit every day.

The Washington Homeland Security Roundtable hits yet another homerun in organizing this exceptional series of Government/industry engagements."

Merv Leavitt
Vice President, SCRA
"WHSR is simply a class act. They make it a point to keep senior officials and executives engaged, collaborative, and pushing the curve just enough to help influence change. There is no better engagement with SES DHS officials than WHSR - and they just make you feel good too.

Right mission. Right approach. Right size. You should be here too."

Mark Sheppard
Federal CIO & Director, LexisNexis
"Triumph Enterprises, Inc. is most appreciative of the opportunity to be an integral part of the WHSR/TSA OSC Small Business Focus Group. The experience has been extremely positive for us.

Having the opportunity to discuss small business procurement ideas and challenges with key decision makers in OSC - who are actively seeking real world inputs from small businesses such as ours - has been refreshing and rewarding.

We've had an open, honest, and forthright dialog with the senior leadership of OSC, and are 100% certain that our ideas have been heard and carefully considered."

Lee Plumb
Vice President, Triumph Enterprises, Inc.
"The WHSR/TSA Focus groups have proven to be an invaluable resource to gain greater insight into TSA as well as to have valuable conversations between a wide range of industry companies and TSA stakeholders. This type of open collaboration generates increased awareness of mission problems and can help create better targeted solutions from traditional and non-traditional market participants."

Don Fenhagen
Associate Partner, IBM
"The WHSR/TSA OSC Focus Groups allowed Engility to better understand not just what TSA's challenges are but why they are challenges. They also allowed Engility to learn the key technical, management, personnel, and corporate key factors that Industry must bring to the table to assist TSA and why they are important."

Peter Lierni
Senior Director, Engility
"The WHSR/TSA OSC Focus Groups provided a great opportunity for industry to communicate and collaborate with TSA over a sustained period about mutual goals, expectations, and challenges. Congratulations on a job well done. Let's keep the conversation going."

Steve Mikolaski
Director, Deloitte Consulting LLP
"The open exchange between TSA leadership and industry on the agency's operational challenges and objectives, facilitated by the Washington Homeland Security Roundtable, will have the beneficial effects of enhancing security, speeding deployment of essential technologies, and reducing costs."

Michael T. Dougherty
Director of Law Enforcement Solutions, Raytheon Company